Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Budget Wedding Planner - 6 Basic Ideas

It has always been your illusion to have the ideal wedding surrounded by all your loved ones in a beautiful church filled with gorgeous flowers, live music and a special reception. But you are aware that you don't have the funds for such a lavish event. If you follow a strict budget using a budget wedding planner, your dream wedding is not out of reach.

As soon as you choose your wedding day, the next step is to develop a detailed wedding plan that will help you stay within your budget and that lists all the essentials for your wedding. This planner must contain items such as your budget, the place for your reception, the theme and colors, budget for food, number of guests, etc...

Once you create your master wedding plan, you can start breaking it up into chunks.

1. As soon as you have set your wedding day, start planning everything. Chances are that you'll get a better deal if you reserve way ahead of time. Once you lock a price for a service, the business has to honor it.

2. Check the different rates vendors offer for the services you need. Try negotiating the cheapest rate possible, you never know how much money this can save you.

3. Don't think that having a bigger wedding is better. The more people you invite the more money you'll need to pay for the extra food, beverages, larger hall, etc...

4. If what you need is to keep your expenses low, then plan for a small wedding. A small group surrounding you can give your wedding a sense of warmth, coziness and intimacy, but costing less at the same time.

5. Limit your spending to only essential things you really, really need for the wedding. Anything extra can really spoil your budget.

6. If any family members or friends offer to help you, don't decline their offers. Accept any possible help, this will help you with your budget.

Follow your budget wedding planner down to the bone. Don't let anyone coerce you to change your plans. Listen to other's suggestions but don't fall under pressure to change anything that will hurt your budget. Monitor every single expense so you won't overspend. Consider only inviting those very close to you to keep your wedding small and cheaper. Negotiate prices with merchants and allow family members to help you. Have the best time at your wedding and make it your best day ever!

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