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Tent Wedding Reception

Tent weddings are a popular choice for summer and an elegant way to host the wedding or reception in a familiar setting – like a friend's backyard or a public garden – without worrying about the weather forecast. Tent rentals for weddings offer the flexibility and elegance to suit almost any outdoor wedding in style.

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Ukrainian Wedding Traditions

Ukrainian wedding traditions have a long history. Unfortunately, at the present times, fewer and fewer of ancient wedding customs and traditions take place at a contemporary Ukrainian wedding. However, the most interesting traditions have remained. We will describe a contemporary Ukrainian wedding. So, the wedding ceremony begins 30-40 days before the wedding itself. The bridegroom, his parents and friends must ask the bride's parents for her hand. The bridegroom's parents come with a Ukrainian round loaf (homemade, round, big bread beautifully decorated). The round loaf is delivered on an embroidered towel made by the bridegroom's mother, and on top of the bread there is some salt.

The bridegroom's father and friends ask for "bride's hand". Usually, her father gives an answer, after asking his daughter about her decision, whether she wants to marry the young man or not. If the bride wishes to take this man as her future life partner, the bridegroom's and bride's parents discuss the time and place of the wedding party. But if the girl does not wish to marry the guy, she gives him a pumpkin! On the wedding day, dressing a bride is a special ritual. Bride's friends have been with her since early morning. They put a gown on her, make a hair-do and put on a bridal veil? The bridegroom comes to his bride in a car decorated with flowers, ribbons and balloons. Sometimes, a doll dressed like a bride is placed on the car's hood. When the car (or cars) comes up to the house of the bride, they start to honk. It means that the bridegroom and his relatives are ready to take the bride, her parents and friends to the church and city hall, to get married and register their marriage. When the bridegroom and bride walk out of the bride's house, the bride's mother throws seeds (symbol of wellbeing) onto their heads, as well as roseleaves (symbol of prosperity and health) and coins (symbol of financial stability in a family).

The official registration of marriage in the City Hall starts with the sound of fanfares. A Ukrainian embroidered towel is spread at the feet of the couple, they stand on it and the ceremony begins. In fact, at this place, the bride groom and bride become husband and wife. Exactly, in the City Hall, the long awaited phrase "Zoya, do you agree to take Oleg as your husband, to be with him in sadness and grief, to be faithful until death separates you?" is pronounced. After the ceremony, the spouses receive congratulations from friends and relatives. The "newly-made" husband takes his wife from the City Hall in his arms. The next stage is getting married in church. This is the most touching and important moment to the couple, their parents, friends and relatives. The priest blesses the new family for happiness, health, luck, faithfulness, understanding, love and respect for one another. God's blessing is the most serious blessing for the new family. There are many prejudices connected with the ceremony in church. They say that if the bride's dress catches the fire from a candle, it means that the marriage is doomed. So it is quite understandable that the bride's mother is always very careful in church, and does her best to prevent any of such things. The third stage of celebration is the most joyful, surprising and unexpected things may happen this evening. The party takes place in a restaurant, cafй or at the home of the bridegroom or bride. All the guests come with gifts. In Ukraine, ordinary things can be presents at a wedding, which first of all, will be necessary in a young family: kitchen utensils, linen, home appliances, etc.

The party starts with congratulations from relatives and friends. After each toast, the guests shout "Gorka! Gorka! Gorka!" It means that the guests want to see the married couple kiss one another. One must note that the number of kisses at the wedding, as some bridegrooms have noticed, exceed the number of kisses received throughout the whole period of dating. When the guests have paid enough attention to the married couple, their attention goes to the bride's and bridegrooms best friends. To be the best friends of the couple at the wedding is a very honorable and responsible task. The bride chooses her best friend (unmarried girl) who helps the bride with all pre-wedding preparations. It is she who puts down her signature in the document certifying the marriage. So, what is the role of the bridegroom's and the bride's best friend? They are called "witnesses". When the guests shout "Gorko" to the witnesses, it means that the guests want to see them kiss, too! At one of international weddings which took place in our city, there was a funny thing. The guests were shouting "Gorko" to the witnesses. The bridegroom's best friend spoke no Russian, so he was not really paying attention the shouts and continued to enjoy the delicious meal from his plate. When the interpreter explained to him what was required, the guy blushed. Anyway, he did not refuse from a kiss from the bride's best friend. Later on, at the end of the evening, he asked the guests to shout "Gorko" to the witnesses again.

During the party, dancing is a must. Everybody dances, the guests, the parents, and the newly married couple. But a dance between the bridegroom and his mother-in-law and between the bride and her father-in-law is a must at each wedding party. Moreover, the bridegroom must prove that he will take good care not only of his wife, but also of his mother-in-law. In the presence of all the guests, the bridegroom declares that he will also be kind to his mother-in-law, and as a sign of his attention, he presents her with a pair of boots, which he puts on her! However a trial is expecting the bridegroom. It may happen that the bride may be stolen, and the guests will ask the bridegroom to pay 50-500 grivnas (10-100$) for her shoes, or even for the bride herself - even a bigger sum. All guests are sure that the newly married couple will be the happiest family. But it stirs everyone's curiosity - who will be the head of the family - He or She? National tradition helps to clear up this issue. The newly married are given traditional bread and they try to break it apart. The head of the family will be the person who has got a larger part of it left in the hands! This ritual is more like a joke on the wedding party, but as time goes by it becomes obvious that traditional ceremonies are telling truth! At the end of the party the custom of turning the bride into wife takes place. The bride is dancing waltz with all the young, unmarried girls present at the party. This is a sign that every young girl has the right for happiness, family and children. However, which of the present young girls will be the first one to get married depends on who catches the bouquet thrown by the bride backwards, over her left shoulder!

After the bride says "good bye" to her friends (young girls), a bride's mother's friend brings the round loaf to the bride and uncovers her bridal veil. Instead, a Ukrainian national kerchief is placed on her head. A young bride has turned into a married woman! The wedding is over! Long live a new family! As our foreign witness once said, "We enjoyed the Ukrainian wedding very much! We'll come again".

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Gothic Wedding Ceremony

A fully traditional gothic wedding ceremony can incorporate elements of mysticism and ancient Druidic practice. Some choose to keep wedding tradition intact, while incorporating the darker color scheme and dramatic feel of a gothic wedding ceremony. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you want to affirm a philosophy or simply create a look.

Mexican Weddings

Experience a Wedding or Honeymoon in Mexico!

Mexico is a place where sun shines bright, the flowers boom, the air smells of olives and other aromatic spices, the people have warm hearts; basically there is love in the air. There can be no better place to get married than Mexico. Mexican weddings are so popular these days that couples are booking their venues years in advance. The wedding party not only gets to be in a joyous occasion, but have a great vacation as well.

There’s a honeymoon followed by the wedding, and what can be more beautiful than a honeymoon in Mexico! The place is so full of excitement and color that it seems to be the perfect place to start your new life. Mexican weddings can be celebrated in true fiesta style with true Mexican traditions. This will definitely add a taste of spice to your wedding that you’ll remember for ever.

The perfect place to get married in Mexico is in an old church. You could also choose a Spanish style home to celebrate your special day with your family and friends. For Mexican weddings, the most important thing that strikes you is color. The decoration is vibrant, and very festive. That’s the best part about Mexico weddings. And not to forget the delicious, mouth-watering Mexican food. You’ve be surprised to see the table laid with an array of Mexican fiesta. It’s absolutely irresistible.

For a Mexican theme wedding, the invitations also need to be bright and cheerful. Use the words such as fiesta instead of reception, Senor, Senora and Senorita will also look very authentic. And make sure to greet your guest with “Hola”! This makes a huge difference in the way to celebrate your Mexico weddings. It definitely sets the mood for the Mexican weddings and the guests will be all the more excited to attend the wedding.

If you are having an evening wedding then decorate the place with paper lanterns in different colors or your chosen color theme. This will make the place look very festive and a perfect Mexican wedding setting. Terra cotta pots, cactus plants, patterned tiles and bright fresh and faux flowers will add beauty to the Mexican décor. Mexican weddings can be celebrated either traditionally or you could have a private celebration.

Now speaking of honeymoon in Mexico, it’s truly a romantic experience. There are some of the most romantic places where the couple can enjoy their Mexico honeymoon. You have loads of choices. If you want to get the feel of Mexico then you’d rather stay in an old Spanish house instead of a hotel. These houses will give you all the amenities you need and you’ll also get more privacy. The home cooked meals from the Mexican women from the neighboring areas are another reason why your Mexico honeymoon will be something to remember forever.

Wedding is a special time for the couple as well as their family. It’s the time to celebrate the new adventure that the couple is going to embark upon. It’s the time of joy and happiness, blessings and love, dance and music, food and drinks. And what could be a better place than Mexico to celebrate your wedding in style!

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Wedding Veils

The wedding veil is probably the oldest wedding tradition that is performed during a wedding. Many people believed that wedding veils protected the bride from jealous spirits. This usually referred to any enemies of the couple who might try to steal her the day of the wedding. Wedding veils, were also a sign of humility, it was not considered proper for women to display their beauty so openly. Even back in the day though, brides were still considered the most beautiful of all women.

Wedding veils are worn today to complete the entire wedding look for a bride. Choosing a wedding veil depends on the personal preference of the bride and the wedding dress she will wear.

For brides with extravagant gowns, it is best to keep the veil as simple as possible. You don’t want your wedding veil and dress to be competing for attention. Plus, this could spoil the elegance of your wedding gown and you could end up looking to overdone. If you want to add a little something to your veil, consider putting a simple ribbon or trim along the edges.

If you have a simple dress, without a lot of beading or embroidery, the veil should add the drama. You can construct the veil to add that extra glamour to your wedding look.

It is important that wedding veils don’t hide anything on your dress. If the back of your gown is the center point, you don’t want to get a long veil that covers your back and hides it. Just make sure when looking at wedding veils, you think of the dress you will be wearing. You want your gown to compliment the veil and vice versa.

Antique veils have become very popular and is considered very “in” when it comes to the fashion industry. Besides the fact that an antique veil is very vintage, it is also considered good luck. Borrowing a wedding veil that your mom or grandmother wore at their weddings can bring luck to your new marriage. Just make sure that you borrow a veil from someone who is happily married for this to work. If you do decide to wear an vintage veil, try not to fix it in any way. You do not want to ruin it by trying to dye it to match your gown. Most of the times, if the veil doesn’t perfectly match, most people can’t tell because the fabric is so sheer.

Make sure you think about the length of the veil is suitable to the length of the aisle. Long wedding veils are great for huge churches such as cathedrals. In other situations, the veil will just bunch up and be a pain to walk around. Also, look at wedding veils that are easy to take off after the ceremony.

4 Tips For Wedding Tuxedos

Making the decision to tie the know is a big step in every man’s life and one that he must be sure of. Once you ask your dream girl to marry you, there is plenty to decide on before the fateful day arrives. While your beautiful bride will take responsibility for most of the planning and details, you aren’t completely free to sit back and wait. Your wife to be is going to look spectacular and you need to look the best you can too. You need to choose the wedding tuxedos for your groomsmen and yourself. Making certain that you and your fellow buddies are looking their best is going to be your biggest responsibility before the wedding.

So, here are a few tips that may help you out if you do not have a clues as to where to start.

Rent or Buy?

This is a common question that most men have when figuring out their wedding tuxedos. It is probably a good idea for your groomsmen to go ahead and just rent their tuxes. More so, if they are paying for them. Talk to your men and see if they are going to be wearing these wedding tuxedos in the future at all. If most see themselves wearing it often, then you might want everyone to go ahead and just buy their tuxedos. Make sure that everyone gets together and decides what is best.

Look before you leap and buy

Do not, by all means, walk into the first men’s formal wear store and buy your wedding tuxedo. Look and shop around at different stores, that way you have some options for wedding tuxedos. Different stores sometimes have different colors, styles, and prices. You want to find the best deal possible for what you are looking for.

Talk to the Bride

The wedding day is about both of you…. Well in some since. You need to coordinate around what the bride is going to be wearing. Before you and your buddies go out a buy wedding tuxedos ask a bridesmaid or the bride herself what should be considered. It might even be a good idea for the bride to come along, if she has time, so you know for sure you won’t get something that misses the mark.


It does not matter what wedding tuxedos you and the grooms men decide on, if you can’t get the orders all in before the wedding day. Don’t wait until the last moment to go and find a tux. You want to look great and not have to settle for something mediocre. Go and shop way in advance so you won’t have to worry about it and if need be there is time for alterations.

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Decorating a Gazebo for Wedding

Wedding gazebo decorating can be a fun reflection of your personal style.

Decorating a gazebo for wedding guests or a wedding ceremony may benefit from a quick lesson in wedding gazebo decorating or gazebo party decorations. If you have selected a charming gazebo in which to say your wedding vows, it's now time to find gazebo party decorations that reflect your personal style or the theme of your wedding.

Everyone's first thoughts about decorating a gazebo for wedding festivities seems to revolve around tulle. This is a functional, affordable item that adds a romantic and elegant touch to your wedding de'cor. You can add personal touches to the tulle, or even use it in nontraditional ways for wedding gazebo decorating.

Tulle doesn't have to go just around the base of the gazebo. Consider hanging it from a rafter. You can also attach it up high and let it hang down. Do you like the traditional look of tulle swagged along the banister at waist height? Why not jazz it up with flowers at each place where you tack it (at the top ends of the "U")? Or you can get more creative and put wedding theme items at the tack areas. For example, if you're having a beach wedding, why not glue some shells there or tie the tulle with sea grass or raffia when decorating a gazebo for wedding celebrations. The possibilities are endless.

If you don't want to go the tulle route, there are still plenty of avenues to explore when decorating a gazebo for wedding fun. Consider a garden gazebo for your wedding.

Flowers are a nice touch and can go with various wedding styles and themes. What about scattering rose petals on the floor? If you buy small flowerpots to line the walkway, aisle, or perimeter of the gazebo, you can fill them with fresh flowers, perhaps the same kind of flowers you will use in your bouquet. This will provide an attention to detail known as continuity, which is noticed by guests. Imitation flower garlands, often sold cheaply at thrift or craft stores, are another unique way to decorate the gazebo to fit your theme or style.

Ribbon is affordable and will add versatility to wedding gazebo decorating efforts. Buy a thick ribbon and swag it around the rafters. With so many colors and patterns available, you can find a ribbon that will tie in to your bridal-party colors. You might also consider a wire-based ribbon that you can actually form into a shape.

Gazebo party decorations can be extended and attached to the chairs inside rather than the structure itself. This is a great way to satisfy picky owners who insist that there be no tacking or taping on their gazebo. You could put flower bunches on the backs of the chairs, tie a ribbon on each chair, leave a favor on each seat, sprinkle confetti over the chairs, or decorate the aisle with ribbon or tulle. You could even arrange items like flowerpots, shells, or leaves on the aisle borders. Get creative and think of unique objects you can use when wedding gazebo decorating.

For truly unique wedding decorations, think outside the box. When decorating a gazebo for wedding guests to enjoy at a reception, or to view during the wedding ceremony, remember that the sky is the limit. Whatever wedding gazebo decorating plan you choose, your gazebo party decorations are sure to add life and a wealth of sparkling detail to your big day.

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Altar Wedding Decorations

Ideas for Decorating the Wedding Altar

The altar is one of the focal points of the wedding ceremony, so its adornments should reflect the spirit, themes, and ideals of the day. If you are going to be married in a church or synagogue, it is essential to discuss altar-wedding-decoration ideas with your pastor, priest, or rabbi, as some holy institutions have decorating restrictions.

When planning your altar wedding decorations, remember that you, along with your wedding party, are the true focus. What colors will your bridal party wear? Choose altar flowers and decorations that complement your basic colors and styles.

It is important to decorate the altar in a way that blends with the location's decor. A visit to your church or wedding hall, where you sit down and take in the ambience of the room, may help you decide what types of decorations will best enhance your altar while still maintaining harmony.

Candles bring warm light and flickering promise to altars. Whether you place hurricane lamps on the floor next to the altar, or smaller candles on the altar itself, you will produce a moving effect. The unity candle is an especially significant and beautiful altar decoration. It is a single pillar candle that is lit by two distinct tapers. The candle-lighting ceremony symbolizes two hearts and lives merging into one bright promise through marriage.

Remember to include the podium in your decorating plan. The front can be enhanced with floral wreaths, photographs of the bride and groom, satin or tulle bows, or lovely flowing fabric. Even a simple potted plant placed in front of the podium can transform it from plain to promising.

Is there an altar rail? If so, take advantage of this ideal decorating arena and wrap its edges with ivy, flowers, or garlands. Tie balloons to the rail. Their floating festivity will sway with promise.

Consider the following ideas:

* Helium balloons and balloon arches
* Silk flowers
* Fresh flowers
* Pom-poms
* Garlands
* Tulle
* Rose petals

Scattering rose petals is a traditionally charming way to line a path or outline a special area while filling the air with their intoxicating scent. Sprinkle petals on the floor in a path that leads to the altar. Then scatter more petals around the altar itself. This will lend a romantic, whimsical feel to the area.

If you have chosen a wedding theme, decorate the altar accordingly. Consider a decorated wedding arch next to or in front of the altar. After the ceremony, the married couple can pass beneath the arch as husband and wife. This will be seen as a symbolic passage and will add to the beauty of the ceremony.

Altar decorations can be simple and elegant or extravagant and crazy. Just like the promise of your new life together, the sky is the limit. Let your decorations be a true reflection of yourselves and your marriage.

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Wedding Cake Tradition

Traditionally, wedding cake is first cut by the bride and groom together, usually with a ceremonial knife. An older, archaic tradition had the bride serve all the portions to the groom’s family. The first bites are always shared by the couple, with them feeding each other. It symbolizes the new family unit formed and the replacement of the old parent-child union. Also, the bride and groom usually stuff cake onto each others faces Doves, gold rings and horse shoes can be decorated over the wedding cake; it is believed that it can bring good luck. Designs in cake refer to the way your cake is built. You can choose from various designs. For an old fashioned look, you may choose to stack your wedding cake. For the fairy tale wedding, you might set your tiers on columns for a grand pillared look. You may also choose a flat cake in an interesting shape or meaningful pattern.

Whether your dream, wedding cake is modern or traditional, ornate or simple, carefully crafted decorations will feature it beautifully. Sugar paste is the principal medium for most wedding cake decorations. Fruits, flowers and fondants are also very popular. Jam, cream, frosting, chocolate, butter cream, curd, or cream cheese can form the filling of a wedding cake. Filling is the delicious froth that is spread between cake layers. It can be one flavor or a combination of flavors and filling types. The flavour of the cake should determine another opportunity for you to both showcase your tastes and offer a delectable reception menu with a treat. Lemon, vanilla, chocolate, spice and carrot are the most popular flavors. Today’s couples are increasingly choosing chocolate wedding cakes rather than the traditional fruit cake However, if your tastes lean toward the exotic and you have retained the services of a talented pastry chef, cake flavor options are limited only by the imagination.

Toronto Wedding CakeThe origin of the wedding cakes dates back to the medieval period. In the old times, every guest was required to bring a stack of cake. All the cakes were piled over each other. If the couple were able to kiss atop of the cake pile, it was a symbol of good luck. It is a general belief that if is a bride maid keeps a piece of cake under her pillow, she might dream of her would be husband. A portion of the cake may be stored to be eaten on the first anniversary or on the Christianity of the first child. Usually, the wedding couple will freeze the top portion of the wedding cake, or the top tier of the wedding cake. Some portion of your wedding cake can be transported to the people who couldn't attend the wedding. That way, you can share the sweetness and joy of what they missed with them. Cake toppers are a cute way of making your wedding cake unique. Normally, there are two tiny models of the bride and the groom as the wedding cake toppers, or sometimes lovebirds, doves, or swans with their necks bent towards each other. People do opt for other choices, you can top your cake with pretty much anything, from bobble heads of you and your fiancee, to unique and intricate designs like rhinestone vines reaching upwards. Even cute animals can pose as wedding cake toppers, like two little mice in love, or turtles hugging each other. Even sports-related cake toppers can be made available.

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Malaysian Wedding Traditions

Malaysia is like a melting pot of different cultures. This has consequently led to a rich and vivid wedding spectrum. From the Chinese to the Indians, Malaysia has different peoples all coexisting in this rich and traditional land. The wedding spectacle in Malaysian is nothing if not breathtaking. From the courting to the betrothal, the entire process is exceptional. However, one has to realize that with this mixture and meeting of cultures, the Malaysian wedding traditions vary from one culture and sphere of belief to the other. From Indian centered weddings, to those with Muslim flavors including those with a heavily indigenous essence. In the quintessential, Malaysian nuptial, both the groom and the bride are given centre stage. They are basically treated as the queen and king on their nuptial day. The bride and groom should be already engaged for any meaningful discussion by the relevant parties to commence. The dowry amount and the solemnization, is all determined during the betrothal period. This is done when the bride’s parents meet the groom’s parents in a pre-wedding setting. The necessary details are also discussed and the two parties make agreements. After the necessary agreements have been made and the actual date of the wedding set, there are the various preparation aspects that have to be put into motion. For instance the Berinai, which is also the instance when the Henna application process is carried out, is a ceremony that usually takes place before the actual day of the wedding. Henna is a kind of dye that is extracted from henna leaves. This is then applied onto the palms of the bride to be and subsequently the feet. This acts as a kind of ‘beautification’ or ‘decoration’ process.

The Nikah, is in essence represents contact signing ceremony. The contract in this case is between the Malaysian bride and the groom. This is presided over by the Kadhi, who is the religious head in the Shariat Court or Syariat Court. Subsequently, the contract between the bride and the groom is sealed by a financial contribution referred to as the Mas Kahwin. The issuance of the Mas Kahwin is a stipulation in the nikah. Additionally, it symbolizes the obligation of the wife to the husband, since it is regarded as a gift as the wife issues it to the husband. The next step is the Hari Langsung, which starts with the groom being escorted by the elders in the village towards the bride’s residence. With the groom approximately a hundred to a hundred and fifty meters from the bride’s residence the groom’s party stops and waits for the bride, who joins the groom and the both of them walk towards the house. Finally, is the Makan Berdamai, which is basically the feast of the entire Malaysian wedding ceremony. Here the bride the groom and the entire guest body and they get to enjoy the delicacies prepared for the wedding. The Makan Berdamai also takes place after the Berinai and Majlis Bersanding. The guests congregate and feast with the bride and groom.

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Vietnamese Traditional Weddings

Vietnamese Wedding traditions are still upheld in many parts of the world and Vietnam is not an exception. In Vietnam, apart from the traditions being distinguished, they are also very delicate. The parents arrange most Vietnamese weddings. The engagement of a Vietnamese couple takes place six months prior to the ceremony. The bride and groom’s first meeting takes place during the engagement they are not supposed to meet each other prior to this. The couple’s parents, under the guidance of a spiritual leader, Buddhist monk, or fortuneteller, set the wedding date.

The bride’s dress is the ‘Ao dai’ gown for the ceremony, which usually comes in pink or red. Along with the gown also comes a Khan dong headdress. The attire of the groom is similar to that of the brides but it is the male version, has a simpler design and comes in a blue hue. Prior to the wedding, the groom accompanied by his family visits the family of the bride carrying lacquered, round boxes; betrothal presents. The presents include betel leaves, areca nuts, wines, fruits, cake and tea and so on. Unmarried boys and girls carry the gift covered using red cloth. Three ceremonies are held on the wedding day. The first is to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage. The mother of the groom and other relatives go to the woman’s home and officially asks to receive the bride and tell them what time the groom’s procession will be coming. The mother bears pink chalk to paint a good future and betel nuts, which are a symbol of respect.

Two other ceremonies take place at the homes of the groom and bride successively. After the mother visits the groom then goes to the bride’s home accompanied by relatives carrying leather trunks in pink satin that contain different gifts. The trunks are usually numbered six or eight; seven and nine are unacceptable numbers as they are seen as bad luck numbers. Upon getting to the bride’s house, the groom’s relatives light firecrackers to announce their arrival. The bride’s family also reciprocates with a series of firecrackers. Introductions of the two families then take place. The groom then produces an entrance fee in a red envelope along with the gifts. The bride is then brought out and her groom is allowed to greet her. The family of the bride along with that of the groom then proceeds to the groom’s home. Customarily, the bride is supposed to walk over hot coals prior to stepping into the groom’s house; a symbol of shunning evil spirits. During the ceremony, guests are served with beverages like tea and all the relevant wedding rites are performed in a southerly direction. Cooked red rice, incense sticks and boiled chicken are put before the people and the Priest is then invited to initiate sacred rituals. The priest prays for blessings for the couple from God and then binds them using red thread entwined round the altar after which the bride and groom are declared married. The reception of the wedding consists of a gala feast, where guests are treated to rice and chicken dishes, as well as many other traditional Vietnamese dishes.

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Scandinavian Traditional Weddings

In different Scandinavian societies, horns and fiddlers accompany a nuptial procession to the church. It is the custom in Sweden for parents of the bride to practice an old traditional wedding custom. Prior to the bride leaving for the church the mother gives her a gold coin, which is put in her right shoe. The father gives her a silver coin which is placed in the left shoe. The reason for this tradition is to ensure that their daughter does not lack anything. After exchanging the vows the bride wears three bands on the wedding finger. One is of course the engagement ring, the other a wedding ring while the last is a ring symbolizing motherhood. Scandinavians have the longest engagement periods, which could last up to four years. In Denmark it is traditional to build an arch of pine branches in front of the bride’s home. The arch is called the gate of honor. People going or coming out of the bride’s home would go through the arch and it serves to remind them of the couple’s engagement. It is also symbolic of the groom’s dedication and protection. Prior to the wedding vows, the groom lifts the veil off the bride face. The wedding cake is cut by the couple that is supposed to hold a knife together, a tradition believed to bring them good luck.

After they are married they attend the wedding reception. There the traditional wedding toast called skoal is conducted using specially brewed beer. The married couple opens the dance floor and guests join them. There is much drinking, eating and merrymaking. Both the groom and bride secretly escape from the nuptial reception but at different times. The first to leave is the groom, who disappears during the ceremony so that the young unmarried men can freely kiss the bride. Later the bride also disappears and the groom returns to be kissed by the unmarried girls. In Finland the bride-to-be walks from house to house collecting wedding presents in a pillowcase. An older married man walks her to the houses, holding an umbrella over her head to symbolize protection and shelter. The bride wears a golden crown. At the nuptial reception the bride is blindfolded and spun about while unmarried girls dance around her. This is a period of intense revelry, merrymaking and dancing. While still blindfolded, the bride tries to get hold of the girls dancing around her, though she is not able to see them. Finally, the girl that picks and places the golden crown on her head will have been selected to be the girl that is supposed to marry next. In Norway when a couple marries, neighbors and friends plant two small pines. They are placed on each side of the couple’s front door. This gesture is to signify the couple’s fertility. Norwegian brides wear silver crowns with silver charms that hang all around the crown. When she walks the charms tinkle and produce beautiful sounds that are believed to ward off evil spirits.

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Korean Wedding and Traditions

In Korea, the marriage between a man and woman represents the joining of two families, rather than the joining of two individuals. As such, the event was often called 'Taerye' (Great Ritual), and people from all over the community participated. Steeped in traditional Confucian values, the ceremonies and events surrounding the actual marriage were long and elaborate, from the pairing of the couple to the rituals performed after the ceremony. Professional matchmakers paired up likely candidates for marriage, with the new couple often meeting for the first time at their wedding! The families considered many factors in the decision, consulting with fortune tellers for predictions about the couple's future life together. During the Chosun period, people married in their early teens, with the girl often being several years older than the boy.

Family Wedding Traditions Before a Korean bride may be married, she must take part in the traditional Introduction ceremony, where she is accepted into the groom's family. After the Korean newlyweds have exchanged their wedding vows, the groom, formally, introduces his new wife to his parents. The groom's father may throw red dates at his daughter-in-law to bring her luck in fertility. Important Korean Symbols A couple getting married in Korea might incorporate ducks or geese into their wedding ceremony. Both ducks and geese mate for life and represent faithfulness. At one time, a man who wanted to get married in Korea, would travel to his future bride's home on a white pony and present her family with a pair of geese. The groom usually traveled to the house of the bride for the ceremony, then stayed there for 3 days before taking his new bride to his family's home. The actual ceremony involved many small rituals, with many bows and symbolic gestures. The participants were expected to control their emotions and remain somber. Although Koreans have kept several aspects of the traditional ceremony, most modern ceremonies resemble Western marriage ceremonies more than traditional Korean ones. However, many folk villages and museums across the country regularly perform ceremonies to keep the traditions alive.

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Latin American Wedding ceremonies and Traditions

Prior to a Latin American Wedding ceremony a Spanish groom may give his bride thirteen coins that serve to symbolize Christ and his twelve disciples, but also as a way of asking for the brides hand in marriage.

The bride accepts the coins, which she then carries in a small bag through the ceremony, as it is a sign that the groom has made a pledge to support and take care of her. In the Hispanic wedding ceremony however, the thirteen gold coins should be made of gold since these also serve to pay off part of the dowry. The priest blesses these; they are then passed between the couples hands several times before being placed on the bible. A long rope or a rosary is used and wound in a figure 8 about the shoulders of the couple and this is to symbolize their union.

Latin American wedding ceremonies involve brightly colored linens, pottery and flowers. In Puerto Rico a doll is dressed in a bridal gown and placed at the head table. The wedding dress goes with a mantilla veil or a bolero jacket if the dress is slim. The hems are normally adorned with flamenco ruffles. In Argentina the bride is escorted down the aisle by her father. At the altar only the couples parents and godparents stand with them since there are no bridesmaids and groomsmen. In Chile engaged couples wear rings but on their right hands until they are married when they transfer the rings to the left hand.

Throughout Latin America it is the godparent’s responsibility to guide couples through the marriage ceremony. In Mexico they go a step further by supporting the couple both spiritually and financially. Godparents can be chosen either at birth or marriage and most continue supporting the married couple throughout their life.

Traditional Latin American wedding cakes are made with dried fruit and nuts which is then soaked in lots of rum. Foods served during traditional wedding ceremonies include pastries stuffed with meat and vegetables, rice and beans, beef stew and fried plantains. Flan is used as a dessert and the delicious custard is prepared from eggs, vanilla, milk and caramelized sugar. Drinks include delicious punch. It is a secret combination of wine, sugar, brandy, seltzer and fruit. The non-alcoholic drinks from Mexico are available in many flavors, and the popular drink Batido is a fruit shake made from ice, milk and fresh fruit.

At a Latin American wedding reception, a variety of Latin American music is played ranging from salsa, mambo, meringue, flamenco and samba. The married couple is traditionally the first to take a dance. Prior to the dance beginning, it is normal for Mexican guest to surround the couple in a heart-shaped ring. In Cuban weddings any man who dances with the bride attaches money to her gown. Gifts in some Latin American countries are presented to guests who queue up for them. They are made from feathers and tied with ribbons with the names of the bride and groom printed on them as well as the wedding date.

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Chinese Wedding Ceremony

Chinese culture is beautiful and exotic. As is their cuisine! For your traditional Chinese wedding, you should definitely include the following on your menu:

Chinese Wedding CeremonyAppetizers:

* Bean curd puffs or tofu puffs
* Egg rolls
* Cantonese spring rolls
* Crab rangoon(deep-fried wontons
stuffed with crab, cream cheese,
and scallions)
* Hot and sour soup


* Bok Choy
* Chinese Celery
* Bamboo Shoots
* Bitter Melon
* Lotus Root
* Leeks


* Bang Bang Ji (a spicy chicken salad dish!)
* Chow Mein (add any meat you like to this
dish to make it more hearty!)
* Beef in Oyster Sauce


* Almond Cookies
* Rice pudding (specifically eight-treasure pudding, with maraschino cherries
and dates inside!)
* Almond Tea

There are many Chinese restaurants in many cities that offer all the comforts of Chinese dinner services. Most have a higher capacity than 100, some even as high as 1000 or more! By going through directory listings of Chinese restaurants located in these cities, one can book reservations for any number of guests online. Each marriage is unique in its own way and Chinese marriage ceremonies are no exception.

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