Monday, March 29, 2010

Afghan Wedding Traditions

When you enter the marriage area at a traditional Afghan wedding, a line of women will stand on the right, and the men on the left. There are two decorated chairs awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom.

When they do arrive, usually a little later in the celebrations, the couple will stand under a decorated blanket, and the groom will look at his bride's face in a mirror and will read a prayer from the Quran, this is known as Aina Mosaf'. After, the shawl is lifted up and the couple feed each other 'maaledaa', an Afghan dessert. Then a song called the 'Ahesta Boro', which means 'walk slowly', is sung to signify the arrival of the bride and groom.

In Afghan culture, the bride and groom are considered the 'king and queen' of the night. This tradition arose from majesty Amanullah Khan during the wedding of his cousin, when he laid down his sword, knelt on the ground before the bride and groom, and declared that their night was truly respected, and they could make any demand they wanted, as king and queen of the night. The traditional Afghan spread of food is known as the sofrah, or the dastarkhān. It consists of kebab, rice dishes such as Chalow, Qaboli Palao, and Alou Balou Palao, and stuffed grape leaves, along with traditional breads like thick Naan bread or thin lavash bread. As well, for side dishes there would be torshi, which is pickled fruits and vegetables mixed with garlic, and sticky rice.

After the ceremony, and sometimes before also, the national dance of Afghanistan, the Attan, is performed by dancing in a circle. Also, after the meal the couple will walk over to the cake, and the wedding musician will play the traditional Afghan wedding song, 'Baada Baada Elahee Mubarak Baada - Man Dil Ba Tu Dada Am Tawakol Ba Khoda' meaning 'Congratulations I gave you my heart now I leave it to GOD.

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