Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Wedding Gown Trends

Long dresses and luxurious pieces that several years ago had not glimpsed, are now beginning to be a trend for the bride.

Look beautiful and luxurious in the happy days would be a dream wedding. One of the symbols that make the bride appear to be different in character and is to use a wedding dress during a show reception.

Selection of appropriate dress not only provide beauty to the wearer but also the perfection of a happy day that was held.

Usually mid to late to busy moments of the bride held a wedding celebration. Thus, designers were competing to present the wedding dress as attractive as possible.

If in 1998-1999 and where the economic crisis is being hit, a wedding dress who attend tend to simple and not much detail, in 2011 this trend luxurious wedding dress back in demand.

We'll be back again on the model as a modern grand dress regalia which displayed more lively with the use of detail and crystal ornaments all over his dress.

If previously the community had little frugality to all economic interests and resist the desire to shop, now when the crisis has passed, people's purchasing power was again stable. In addition to satiate themselves with shopping desire, the purchasing power of the effect on the fulfillment of quality wedding dress worn.

No wonder that a fancy wedding dress models like princess Diana or Jackie Onassis back hip in this rabbit. Recognized Tina, his clients an average of more grande chose a dress for wedding celebrations. The model in full detail, layers, stacks and stacks impression sprinkling of crystals and lace back loved.

The impression these layers will portray the uniqueness and luxury. Therefore, many brides who want these ornaments. Not infrequently, so its luxury clothes, I can spend up to 50 meters of material. The use of the material is scattered in all parts. The most consuming side of the material in the manufacture of pile-pile accents, small to large flower ornament which all meet the dress.

The most extravagant of wedding dress regalia type is the use of tail length can reach 2.5 to 3.5 meters.

Meanwhile, for about the color, still playing with basic colors like in previous years that is off white, champagne, ivory, and pure white.

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