Friday, April 9, 2010

Chinese Wedding Ceremony

Chinese culture is beautiful and exotic. As is their cuisine! For your traditional Chinese wedding, you should definitely include the following on your menu:

Chinese Wedding CeremonyAppetizers:

* Bean curd puffs or tofu puffs
* Egg rolls
* Cantonese spring rolls
* Crab rangoon(deep-fried wontons
stuffed with crab, cream cheese,
and scallions)
* Hot and sour soup


* Bok Choy
* Chinese Celery
* Bamboo Shoots
* Bitter Melon
* Lotus Root
* Leeks


* Bang Bang Ji (a spicy chicken salad dish!)
* Chow Mein (add any meat you like to this
dish to make it more hearty!)
* Beef in Oyster Sauce


* Almond Cookies
* Rice pudding (specifically eight-treasure pudding, with maraschino cherries
and dates inside!)
* Almond Tea

There are many Chinese restaurants in many cities that offer all the comforts of Chinese dinner services. Most have a higher capacity than 100, some even as high as 1000 or more! By going through directory listings of Chinese restaurants located in these cities, one can book reservations for any number of guests online. Each marriage is unique in its own way and Chinese marriage ceremonies are no exception.

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