Friday, April 16, 2010

Mexican Weddings

Experience a Wedding or Honeymoon in Mexico!

Mexico is a place where sun shines bright, the flowers boom, the air smells of olives and other aromatic spices, the people have warm hearts; basically there is love in the air. There can be no better place to get married than Mexico. Mexican weddings are so popular these days that couples are booking their venues years in advance. The wedding party not only gets to be in a joyous occasion, but have a great vacation as well.

There’s a honeymoon followed by the wedding, and what can be more beautiful than a honeymoon in Mexico! The place is so full of excitement and color that it seems to be the perfect place to start your new life. Mexican weddings can be celebrated in true fiesta style with true Mexican traditions. This will definitely add a taste of spice to your wedding that you’ll remember for ever.

The perfect place to get married in Mexico is in an old church. You could also choose a Spanish style home to celebrate your special day with your family and friends. For Mexican weddings, the most important thing that strikes you is color. The decoration is vibrant, and very festive. That’s the best part about Mexico weddings. And not to forget the delicious, mouth-watering Mexican food. You’ve be surprised to see the table laid with an array of Mexican fiesta. It’s absolutely irresistible.

For a Mexican theme wedding, the invitations also need to be bright and cheerful. Use the words such as fiesta instead of reception, Senor, Senora and Senorita will also look very authentic. And make sure to greet your guest with “Hola”! This makes a huge difference in the way to celebrate your Mexico weddings. It definitely sets the mood for the Mexican weddings and the guests will be all the more excited to attend the wedding.

If you are having an evening wedding then decorate the place with paper lanterns in different colors or your chosen color theme. This will make the place look very festive and a perfect Mexican wedding setting. Terra cotta pots, cactus plants, patterned tiles and bright fresh and faux flowers will add beauty to the Mexican d├ęcor. Mexican weddings can be celebrated either traditionally or you could have a private celebration.

Now speaking of honeymoon in Mexico, it’s truly a romantic experience. There are some of the most romantic places where the couple can enjoy their Mexico honeymoon. You have loads of choices. If you want to get the feel of Mexico then you’d rather stay in an old Spanish house instead of a hotel. These houses will give you all the amenities you need and you’ll also get more privacy. The home cooked meals from the Mexican women from the neighboring areas are another reason why your Mexico honeymoon will be something to remember forever.

Wedding is a special time for the couple as well as their family. It’s the time to celebrate the new adventure that the couple is going to embark upon. It’s the time of joy and happiness, blessings and love, dance and music, food and drinks. And what could be a better place than Mexico to celebrate your wedding in style!

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