Monday, April 12, 2010

Wedding Cake Tradition

Traditionally, wedding cake is first cut by the bride and groom together, usually with a ceremonial knife. An older, archaic tradition had the bride serve all the portions to the groom’s family. The first bites are always shared by the couple, with them feeding each other. It symbolizes the new family unit formed and the replacement of the old parent-child union. Also, the bride and groom usually stuff cake onto each others faces Doves, gold rings and horse shoes can be decorated over the wedding cake; it is believed that it can bring good luck. Designs in cake refer to the way your cake is built. You can choose from various designs. For an old fashioned look, you may choose to stack your wedding cake. For the fairy tale wedding, you might set your tiers on columns for a grand pillared look. You may also choose a flat cake in an interesting shape or meaningful pattern.

Whether your dream, wedding cake is modern or traditional, ornate or simple, carefully crafted decorations will feature it beautifully. Sugar paste is the principal medium for most wedding cake decorations. Fruits, flowers and fondants are also very popular. Jam, cream, frosting, chocolate, butter cream, curd, or cream cheese can form the filling of a wedding cake. Filling is the delicious froth that is spread between cake layers. It can be one flavor or a combination of flavors and filling types. The flavour of the cake should determine another opportunity for you to both showcase your tastes and offer a delectable reception menu with a treat. Lemon, vanilla, chocolate, spice and carrot are the most popular flavors. Today’s couples are increasingly choosing chocolate wedding cakes rather than the traditional fruit cake However, if your tastes lean toward the exotic and you have retained the services of a talented pastry chef, cake flavor options are limited only by the imagination.

Toronto Wedding CakeThe origin of the wedding cakes dates back to the medieval period. In the old times, every guest was required to bring a stack of cake. All the cakes were piled over each other. If the couple were able to kiss atop of the cake pile, it was a symbol of good luck. It is a general belief that if is a bride maid keeps a piece of cake under her pillow, she might dream of her would be husband. A portion of the cake may be stored to be eaten on the first anniversary or on the Christianity of the first child. Usually, the wedding couple will freeze the top portion of the wedding cake, or the top tier of the wedding cake. Some portion of your wedding cake can be transported to the people who couldn't attend the wedding. That way, you can share the sweetness and joy of what they missed with them. Cake toppers are a cute way of making your wedding cake unique. Normally, there are two tiny models of the bride and the groom as the wedding cake toppers, or sometimes lovebirds, doves, or swans with their necks bent towards each other. People do opt for other choices, you can top your cake with pretty much anything, from bobble heads of you and your fiancee, to unique and intricate designs like rhinestone vines reaching upwards. Even cute animals can pose as wedding cake toppers, like two little mice in love, or turtles hugging each other. Even sports-related cake toppers can be made available.

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