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Decorating a Gazebo for Wedding

Wedding gazebo decorating can be a fun reflection of your personal style.

Decorating a gazebo for wedding guests or a wedding ceremony may benefit from a quick lesson in wedding gazebo decorating or gazebo party decorations. If you have selected a charming gazebo in which to say your wedding vows, it's now time to find gazebo party decorations that reflect your personal style or the theme of your wedding.

Everyone's first thoughts about decorating a gazebo for wedding festivities seems to revolve around tulle. This is a functional, affordable item that adds a romantic and elegant touch to your wedding de'cor. You can add personal touches to the tulle, or even use it in nontraditional ways for wedding gazebo decorating.

Tulle doesn't have to go just around the base of the gazebo. Consider hanging it from a rafter. You can also attach it up high and let it hang down. Do you like the traditional look of tulle swagged along the banister at waist height? Why not jazz it up with flowers at each place where you tack it (at the top ends of the "U")? Or you can get more creative and put wedding theme items at the tack areas. For example, if you're having a beach wedding, why not glue some shells there or tie the tulle with sea grass or raffia when decorating a gazebo for wedding celebrations. The possibilities are endless.

If you don't want to go the tulle route, there are still plenty of avenues to explore when decorating a gazebo for wedding fun. Consider a garden gazebo for your wedding.

Flowers are a nice touch and can go with various wedding styles and themes. What about scattering rose petals on the floor? If you buy small flowerpots to line the walkway, aisle, or perimeter of the gazebo, you can fill them with fresh flowers, perhaps the same kind of flowers you will use in your bouquet. This will provide an attention to detail known as continuity, which is noticed by guests. Imitation flower garlands, often sold cheaply at thrift or craft stores, are another unique way to decorate the gazebo to fit your theme or style.

Ribbon is affordable and will add versatility to wedding gazebo decorating efforts. Buy a thick ribbon and swag it around the rafters. With so many colors and patterns available, you can find a ribbon that will tie in to your bridal-party colors. You might also consider a wire-based ribbon that you can actually form into a shape.

Gazebo party decorations can be extended and attached to the chairs inside rather than the structure itself. This is a great way to satisfy picky owners who insist that there be no tacking or taping on their gazebo. You could put flower bunches on the backs of the chairs, tie a ribbon on each chair, leave a favor on each seat, sprinkle confetti over the chairs, or decorate the aisle with ribbon or tulle. You could even arrange items like flowerpots, shells, or leaves on the aisle borders. Get creative and think of unique objects you can use when wedding gazebo decorating.

For truly unique wedding decorations, think outside the box. When decorating a gazebo for wedding guests to enjoy at a reception, or to view during the wedding ceremony, remember that the sky is the limit. Whatever wedding gazebo decorating plan you choose, your gazebo party decorations are sure to add life and a wealth of sparkling detail to your big day.

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