Thursday, April 1, 2010

Croatian Wedding Ceremonies and Traditions

Croatian wedding ceremonies are rich in tradition and culture. To start there is a host who has the duty of welcoming guests and entertaining them as well. He normally sports a bottle of home-made schnapps wrapped in a hand-made towel and offers it to guests. At the entrance to the wedding, there is a basket where guests drop money for the new couple. They are each handed a branch of rosemary as a sign of welcome, and this is pinned to their right side.

After the ceremony, the female relatives remove the bride's veil, and replace it with a scarf. They put an apron on her as well as they sing to her and this symbolizes that the bride is now a wife. Then, the guests travel outside to perform another Croatian wedding custom. If the church you choose has a well, there is another Croatian wedding tradition you can follow. All of the wedding guests circle the well of the church three times to signify the holy trinity,
which is followed by all of the guests throwing an apple into the well to make sure the couple is fertile.

A traditional Croatian wedding ballad is Strauss' Waltz On the Beautiful Blue Danube; this is played as guests place money into a basket, held by the maid of honour, in order to have a dance with the bride. Depending on how much the person donates, the person can get a certain amount of time to dance with her. Since it is very popular to dance with the bride, it is common for people to donate lots of money just to dance with her for a long time! Popular Croatian foods that would be on the table at a Croatian wedding may include 'orahnjaca' (a nut bread), puhanse (a light flaky pastry sprinkled with powdered sugar) served as dessert, paski sur (sheep or goat milk cheese) and Mlinci (flat bread) served as side dishes, and goulash and odojak( roast pork) as main entrees. To make your Croatian wedding experience as traditional as possible, why not hire Croatian entertainers? For your wedding video production, you can also have Croatian music added.

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